Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Runaway Train of Awesomeness

This has been another stellar week for me.  My faith is growing and God is teaching me stuff by the day, it seems.  Here are some prayers I'm focused on this week.  Would love to have you join me on these:
  • Growth as a person, leader and church - I'm getting to a much healthier place as a person lately and it's really opened my eyes to how much growing I really need to do!  I'm asking God to guide me into the right growth opportunities and relationships in the next few months.  I want to keep growing as a person, leader and I want to lead our church on a path that allows growth.  
  • Transforming South Tulsa - Plain and simple, I'm asking God to add 50 people to our church, 30 people to His Kingdom this Easter, and the money to pay for the outreach we're doing to accomplish it.  This is a BIG prayer and I have great faith that it will become a reality.  You can see all the details right here.
Man, if those two issues got some traction in the spiritual realm this week, I would feel like I'm on a runaway train of awesomeness.  That's plenty for us to pray about this week.  Thank you for your prayers!

The stuff dreams are made of . . .

Ok, the title of this post is way too cheesy, but look what's going on this week @ our church.  Hope this is helpful in your growth as a follower of Christ this week:

  • Prayer & Praise Night//Wednesday, February 29 - 7-8pm // (yes, that's tonight) - Join us as we worship God, get to know Him more and pray for our friends and neighbors to come to know Jesus and connect to His church this Easter season.  Childcare for birth-5yrs is provided and kids older than 5 are very welcome to worship and pray with us.  Our band will be playing live tonight, as well.
  • Blueprint B-ball Jam//Sunday, March 4 - 12:30-3:30pm// - This is for teens in grades 6-12.  Meet right after church and then we'll go to McAuliffe Elementary to play ball, hang out and eat some pizza.  Bring $3 for your food.  And bring a friend.
  • New Relationship Killer Exposed//Sunday, March 4 -11am// The fourth relationship killer is about who is in charge, who wears the pants and who's agenda is the one that should be accomplished.  You might be surprised what the Bible says!  Come find out Sunday @ 11am.
  • The Plan to Transform South Tulsa // It's a simple plan.  Do three large outreach and service initiatives and complete some renovation on our bulding to make the best possible impression on guests that will come to Freedom Valley this Easter Season.  YOU can help 3 ways.  1) Spread the word 2) Give personally 3) Pray daily for us to truly see 50 new people connect to God's Kingdom this Easter at Freedom Valley.  All the info you need is found right here . . . and it's easy to share online.  Thank you so much for your help.
Looking forward to seeing you again.  

Pastor Jason

The Quest for Understanding

Many times we stumble through life because we lack wisdom and understanding.  Why do we lack wisdom and understanding?  Probably because we don't ask for them.  They comes from one place.  Think on this Scripture today and ask God for wisdom and understanding. That's what I'll be doing in my prayer time this morning.

Prov 2:2-11 - Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding.3 Cry out for insight,
and ask for understanding.
4 Search for them as you would for silver; seek them like hidden treasures.5 Then you will understand what it means to fear the LORD, and you will gain knowledge of God.6 For the LORD grants wisdom!  From his mouth come knowledge and understanding.7 He grants a treasure of common sense to the honest. He is a shield to those who walk with integrity.8 He guards the paths of the just and protects those who are faithful to him.9 Then you will understand what is right, just, and fair, and you will find the right way to go.10 For wisdom will enter your heart,
and knowledge will fill you with joy.
11 Wise choices will watch over you.
Understanding will keep you safe. - NLT

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Be My Everything!

We're continuing our "5 Relationship Killers" series this week.  This is one you don't want to miss.

It's when we come to expect someone else to meet all our needs . . . spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, children, parents, friends, whoever.

And when we fall into that, our over-dependancy on a person (which is lack of dependency on God) . . . arrests our own development, dries up our lives, & kills our ability to thrive.

Scripture shows a way out of this destructive relationship killer.  Don't miss this Sunday at Freedom Valley.

What I'm Praying About . . .

This may have been the busiest and most exhilarating week I've ever had in ministry!  Unfortunately, I began Monday with a trip to the ER with a kidney stone, but God sure has redeemed that time since.  So many things to praise Him for . . . I guess I'll pick one.  I think we finally hit a home run with our membership class.  We had six new members go through last night and it finally felt right .  It finally felt like "us".  God's good at directing that stuff.

Some prayers you can pray with me this week:
  • Health - Like I said, I had a kidney stone.  That's horrible and I don't ever need that again.  I'm believing that my fast I'm doing through the Lent season will bring a new level of health that I'll maintain through my whole life.
  • Faith - You know, the more I get into this Christianity thing, the more I realize that every problem I think I have is really just a lack of faith on my part.  Im asking God to increase my faith more by the day!
  • South Tulsa Transformation Project - I think this is a God-given vision to reach a lot of people in a short time. I'm wildly excited about it.  Can you take a few minutes and use the online stuff I've put up this week and get familiar with it and maybe even partner with us on it?  You can get started here.  

I love you all and would love to pray for you this week.  Let me know what's going on with you.

The Skinny on "The South Tulsa Transformation Project"

The South Tulsa Transformation Project
It's really simple. We belive God has shown us a plan to see 50 new people coming to church and see 30 of them come to know Jesus . . . all in the next 43 days! But we ALL need to work togehter to see it happen. Here's how YOU can be part:

1. Go to our project page at Get familiar with the vision, the needs and how people can get involved. Then share it like crazy via Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, in person. Whatever way you communicatie with people.

2. Give personally. You can give via the website.  It's easy and you even get prizes :)

3. Pray daily for God to bring these hurting and disconnected people into our church! He loves them and is giving US an opportunity to help Him in reaching out!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The South Tulsa Transformation Project is live!

We're really excited to give you this tool to partner with us and help people you know partner with us to see life-changing stuff happen in South Tulsa this Easter Season!

Bigger than Normal Week @ Freedom Valley

So much cool stuff going on at Freedom Valley - and that's just this week.  I'll get right into it:

  • Wednesday, Feb 22 - Membership Class - Tonight is the first membership class we've offered in over a year!  I know many of you are already signed up, but even if you're not, you are very welcome.  It's tonight in the church sanctuary - 6:30-8:30pm.  
  • Thursday, Feb 23 - Final Cleanup - As many of you know, we've been remodeling our lobby at church and there is much clean up to be done prior to this weekend.  If you can help on our clean-up team Thursday @ 4pm, please email Christie Coats and let her know.  Her email address is  If you want to see a quick update video of what's happening there so far, here it is:
  • Saturday, Feb 25 - Winter Jam - Blueprint, our youth ministry for teens 6th-12th grade is going to Winter Jam.  We have free tickets, but you need to fill out a release form.  We will meet at the church at 5pm and return by 11pm.  We will have blank release forms too.  Bring $ for any food and souvenirs you might want.  More tour info at
  • Sunday, Feb 26 - 5 Relationship Killers / LOVE Tulsa @ Laura Dester House - This Sunday we continue our "Relationship Killers" series and then after church we will be loving the smallest ones in Tulsa.  We are going to the Laura Dester Children's Shelter and spending some time loving on the little ones (birth-5yrs).  We'll meet at the church @ 1:30 and return around 4pm.
Wow, what a week! I'm looking forward to spending some great time with you this week.

Isn't Lent Just for Catholics?

Lord, let my focus be on YOU only.
I'll be totally honest.  I've never observed the season of Lent.  Lent is the 40 days (not including Sabbaths) prior to Easter.  I'm not sure why.  I've never known anyone who has and it's never felt important.  That's really a shame, because I've been surrounded by Christians most of my life - certainly my adult life.  Someone asked me yesterday why I would observe Lent.  Isn't it just for Catholics?  No, Lent is a time for anyone who knows Jesus, or wants to know Him, to focus on Him and create more space in your life for Him.

This year my family and I will observe Lent and will be fasting some things as we enter this season where we focus on the incredible sacrifice Jesus made to save us from our own hopeless state of sin.  I would really encourage you to observe Lent as well.  Sure, give something up, but don't stop there.  If that's all we do, it's just a robotic system that probably means very little.  In addition, make sure you read Scripture and meditate on it regularly.  Here are some great (and free) reading plans you could start today.

In addition to fasting and reading Scripture, make prayer an integral part to you life during this Lent and Easter Season.  Here is a cool idea if you need some help getting your prayer life on schedule.

Overall, I'd like to encourage you to begin now, 47 days prior to Easter, remembering and considering all Jesus did to save us all from sin and death.  I am praying that this season is the most powerful you've ever encountered.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm Still Mad, You Still Suck

Yep, that's the title of this Sunday's message.  It's Part 2 in the "5 Relationship Killers" series.  This weekend, we're talking about anger.  

Seems like our hottest anger is usually reserved for those we know best and love most.  And when we get angry, logic, self control, and kind words, often go out the window. Hence the title, to illustrate the problem. I'm Still Mad, You Still Suck.

If that's where we're living in our relationships, that's a problem. But God's Word shows us that the problematic way we often look at our anger is not the way He looks at it; nor is it the way to win in relationships.  I'm really looking forward to sharing the truth about anger and how to deal with it God's way this Sunday at Freedom Valley.

Don't forget, it's Friends Day, so invite your friends.  We'll have food for all and inflatables up for the kids at 10:30, so be sure and bring a crew and get there early.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BIG week at a growing church

Big week of great stuff coming up at Here it is.

Prayer Meeting // February 15 - 7-8pm //
Prayer is the most important thing we can do to build God's Kingdom. Will you join us tonight as we seek God for favor for the friends we invite to church this week. We will also be praying for loved ones who are far from Jesus. Childcare is provided for birth-5years old and older kids are very welcome in the prayer meeting.

Friends Day // February 19 //
Friends Day is your perfect opportunity to invite your friends or family who are disconnected from Jesus or church to be with you at Freedom Valley. And it's this Sunday! Please think and pray about who you will bring with you to Friends Day. We will share a breakfast together at 10:30 prior to our 11am service. Bring some food to share too.

*Oh, and we'll have the inflatables up for the kids pre and post service. They will have a blast*

Dessert with Pastor J // February 19 – 6 - 7:30pm //
If you're new to Freedom Valley or just want to know more, join Pastor Jason for an informal dessert and coffee here at the church. He will be sharing some history of the church, some vision for the future and will be answering your questions about the church. This could be a great step if you're considering making Freedom Valley your church.

Can't wait to see you again.

Pastor J

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Prayers!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Hope you're having a great week.  Here are some things I'm praying about this week:
  • Church planting plan - I'm beginning to work with a couple key staff members on a plan to network, raise $ and build a plan to develop church planters in our area.  Im asking God to guide us and key us in on some ideas we would not see without His help.
  • Team Development - Our leadership team at Freedom Valley is changing a lot.  Some key people are moving shortly and some new people are exploring some new and more prominent roles in leadership.  I'm asking God to help me to help them find their best place they can make their biggest contribution to God's Kingdom.
  • Renovation project - it appears that we will be able to move forward with our project to renovate the lobby at church.  I am just asking God to provide a great plan, organization and buy in from our church congregation.  I really think this project is very key to how we connect with guests at Freedom Valley.  My desire and goal is to have the project finished prior to Easter Sunday, April 8.
  • Special Day - Sara and I have planned a really special day with our little sweethearts (our boys) and we are asking God to make this a special and memorable day for all of them.
  • Friends Day - We are having a friends day this Sunday.  Will you pray with me that these people will be receptive to their invitations.  These are some of the people that our congregation is praying for an inviting this Sunday.  Jared, Some of my coworkers, Marty, Lisa, Derrick,Julie, Richard, Jenny, Jason, Shelly, Demontre, James, Jadyn, Joslyn, Terra,Shawna, Sam, Jared, Bradley, Marcus, Jennifer, Jermaine, Jordyn, Kayleighanne, Kaedyn, Scott, Kristi, Noah, Kirra, Kaya 
Love you guys and would love to pray for you.  

Thursday, February 9, 2012

This week @ Freedom Valley

I'm very excited about our new teaching series beginning this week, called "5 Relationship Killers"  The first part, called "please, please like me" happens this Sunday.  It addresses our neediness in relationships.

Neediness actually pushes people away.  It's one of those distancing techniques that most of us do not know we are exhibiting.  But, in relationships, we tend to think we are better than we really are.  In this series, we want to help you identify 5 things you may be doing, probably unknowingly, that are pushing people away from you and making your relationships more difficult.  The killer we address this week in neediness.  The Apostle Paul was tremendously winning in relationships.  This Sunday, I'll share what Paul knew about winning in relationships.

Also, don't forget that Feb 19 is Friends Day . . . and this one has a special emphasis on kids.  Yeah, that means inflatables :)  Start inviting your friends now.

God is really doing some amazing things at Freedom Valley right now.  Come and experience it for yourself.  I'll see you this Sunday.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some prayers YOU can pray with me this week

Lots of cool stuff happening.  I got a report of someone in our church who was healed of diabetes this week!  Praise God!  Besides that, there is plenty of new and exciting stuff happening and I would love to have you pray with me about those things this week.
  • Renovations - God has really shown me and our team how our current church facility is a pretty limiting setup for the kind of growth we're praying for and believing for.  In the short term, we are hoping to remove one whole room which would greatly expand our lobby area and change the whole feel of our building - especially to a guest who walks in for the first time.  We have some very creative and talented people on our team who have a very low-cost plan for this facelift.  We even have most of the money we need to do it.  What I'm praying for is favor with the building owner.  We have asked permission to do our project and submitted a plan to him.  Please pray with me that he comes back with a "yes" and offers a credit on our rent to help with it.  (The credit part is just me praying big prayers - we didn't ask for that :)
  • Blueprint - Tonight, our church youth ministry, Blueprint, will be re-launching, although I would call it a very soft launch.  I will be taking the lead role on this and we have four other adults who are very interested in helping as well.  I'm praying that we can make a great connection with the few teenagers we have in our church and that Blueprint grows.  I'm also praying that God will bring the right person along soon to lead it.  I'm happy to set the tone and lead for now, but that's a short-term plan, I hope.
  • Easter Outreach - God has given us an opportunity, again, to do an Easter Egg Hunt outreach at Jefferson Elementary School.  It's scheduled for March 31.  We have a much better plan for it this year and believe that God will help some families find their way back to church and to Jesus through this.  We think we can pull off the entire even for just about $1000, which we don't have presently.  Our team and I are beginning to pray that God would provide a way for us to pay for that outreach event and do it very excellently.  I would love it if you would pray that prayer with us.  
Thanks so much for praying with me again this week.  I love you guys.  As always, I would love to pray for your too.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"5 Relationship Killers" begins this Sunday!

Neediness actually pushes people away. It is one of those distancing techniques that most of us do not know we are exhibiting. But in relationships, we tend to think we are better than we are. In the 5 relationship killers series, we want to help you identify 5 things you may be doing that you did not know is pushing people away form you, making love more difficult. This killer is neediness. Paul was enormously winning. This Sunday I'll share what Paul learned about winning in relationships.