Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Runaway Train of Awesomeness

This has been another stellar week for me.  My faith is growing and God is teaching me stuff by the day, it seems.  Here are some prayers I'm focused on this week.  Would love to have you join me on these:
  • Growth as a person, leader and church - I'm getting to a much healthier place as a person lately and it's really opened my eyes to how much growing I really need to do!  I'm asking God to guide me into the right growth opportunities and relationships in the next few months.  I want to keep growing as a person, leader and I want to lead our church on a path that allows growth.  
  • Transforming South Tulsa - Plain and simple, I'm asking God to add 50 people to our church, 30 people to His Kingdom this Easter, and the money to pay for the outreach we're doing to accomplish it.  This is a BIG prayer and I have great faith that it will become a reality.  You can see all the details right here.
Man, if those two issues got some traction in the spiritual realm this week, I would feel like I'm on a runaway train of awesomeness.  That's plenty for us to pray about this week.  Thank you for your prayers!

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