Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The stuff dreams are made of . . .

Ok, the title of this post is way too cheesy, but look what's going on this week @ our church.  Hope this is helpful in your growth as a follower of Christ this week:

  • Prayer & Praise Night//Wednesday, February 29 - 7-8pm // (yes, that's tonight) - Join us as we worship God, get to know Him more and pray for our friends and neighbors to come to know Jesus and connect to His church this Easter season.  Childcare for birth-5yrs is provided and kids older than 5 are very welcome to worship and pray with us.  Our band will be playing live tonight, as well.
  • Blueprint B-ball Jam//Sunday, March 4 - 12:30-3:30pm// - This is for teens in grades 6-12.  Meet right after church and then we'll go to McAuliffe Elementary to play ball, hang out and eat some pizza.  Bring $3 for your food.  And bring a friend.
  • New Relationship Killer Exposed//Sunday, March 4 -11am// The fourth relationship killer is about who is in charge, who wears the pants and who's agenda is the one that should be accomplished.  You might be surprised what the Bible says!  Come find out Sunday @ 11am.
  • The Plan to Transform South Tulsa // It's a simple plan.  Do three large outreach and service initiatives and complete some renovation on our bulding to make the best possible impression on guests that will come to Freedom Valley this Easter Season.  YOU can help 3 ways.  1) Spread the word 2) Give personally 3) Pray daily for us to truly see 50 new people connect to God's Kingdom this Easter at Freedom Valley.  All the info you need is found right here . . . and it's easy to share online.  Thank you so much for your help.
Looking forward to seeing you again.  

Pastor Jason

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