Monday, April 28, 2008

7 project

Last week I worked on a team that brought the 7-project to Gettysburg and Fairfield school districts. We did school assemblies at both schools (multiple ones at each) and they went fairly well. The whole idea behind it is to do the school assemblies so you can invite students to a night rally where the gospel is presented. I'm told the basic formula every community follows is this . . .

: half the students who you see in the assembly come to the night rally - half of those respond to the call to salvation:

Ours went like this . . .

: 2500 students in the assemblies - 350 at the night rally - 1 response to salvation

We've been working on this since September and have spent nearly $7000. I'm just sick about the whole thing. You can comment to me about how one salvation is worth it or how God's word never returns void or how Gettysburg is a spiritually dark area, but honestly I'm too mad to even take that in right now. More than anything I'd love your prayers. Thanks.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The last week has been interesting in my personal time with God and in my thoughts. God is using every example possible to remind me that I cannot lead, parent or even live without the guiding of His Spirit that comes through prayer. I spent some time praying yesterday and God is doing some things in me that I can't yet describe. I'd ask for your prayers today as God leads me on a new path of prayer. I know I'm only on the first step or so, but I can feel in my Spirit that it's something bigger than I've ever seen or known before.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm such a small thinker

I thought I was going to feel grown up by now. At least I'm staying humble . . . very much by default these days - haha. Will I ever feel equal to the tasks God has called me to? At least not if I try and do it by myself.