Tuesday, July 27, 2010

taken for granted

Yesterday my wife and kids left on a road-trip that will cover over 3 weeks and 4,000 miles. To say I miss them already would be accurate, but does not encompass all I feel. Since I had some extra time to myself , I kept ice packs on the pinched nerve in my back and watched "The Book of Eli".

As I went to bed in my strangely quiet and empty house last night, I became aware that I take my family for granted too often. As I wrestled with the sharp pain in my back, I became aware that I take my health for granted too often. As I reflected on the movie I watched, I became keenly aware that I take God's Word for granted too often.

Lord, please forgive me and help me to change on all three counts.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

our team is better than your team

I just want to say publicly (to all 12 people who read this) haha, that the team working to start Freedom Valley Church is second to none. As I was walking my neighborhood praying this morning, I could not get away from the recurring thought of how so many people have given up so much and are working so hard to build the foundation of a healthy church. It's amazing how much goes into starting a new church and I can honestly say that I have not done it all . . . not event he majority. This team is building something that is becoming a very special work of God. I just want to say to them and to God, thank you.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

growth and progress

Over the last couple years as I've immersed myself in church-planting training, I've often heard people say, "God wants you to plant a church for how it's going to change you (the planter) as much as for how its going to change the people in your city". I was always able to nod my head in agreement with the concept while not quite knowing what that meant in real terms.

I'm starting to know what that means. I'm a different person than I was a year ago. I pray more. I read my bible more. I'm kinder to my wife and kids. My wife and I go out on dates. I care about people who don't go to church - for more than just pumping up the numbers at church. I really care about people . . . even if they don't ever come to our church. I'm still miles away from the man I would like to be and light years away from who I probably could be.

But growth and progress are good. And I feel very humble and thankful today as I think about how patient God is with me and who He is slowly shaping me into.