Thursday, July 8, 2010

growth and progress

Over the last couple years as I've immersed myself in church-planting training, I've often heard people say, "God wants you to plant a church for how it's going to change you (the planter) as much as for how its going to change the people in your city". I was always able to nod my head in agreement with the concept while not quite knowing what that meant in real terms.

I'm starting to know what that means. I'm a different person than I was a year ago. I pray more. I read my bible more. I'm kinder to my wife and kids. My wife and I go out on dates. I care about people who don't go to church - for more than just pumping up the numbers at church. I really care about people . . . even if they don't ever come to our church. I'm still miles away from the man I would like to be and light years away from who I probably could be.

But growth and progress are good. And I feel very humble and thankful today as I think about how patient God is with me and who He is slowly shaping me into.

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