About Me

Left to Right: Ethan, Colin, Jason, Liam, Jude, Sara

I've been a coaching leader for over twenty years. In late 2011, I was at a crossroads in my professional life and discovered personal leadership coaching as the breakthrough I needed to get to the next level.  Through this process, I discovered my own passion and natural gifting in coaching, consulting and facilitation of change, for both individuals and organizations.

As a certified Leadership Coach with Lead Self Lead Others,  StratOp Facilitator with the Paterson Center and LifePlan Facilitator with SummitTrek Executive Coaching, I am well equipped to help you and your organization gain perspective, set strategic goals and see those goals become reality.

In addition to these coaching and consulting certifications, I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Bible with a minor in counseling from the University of Valley Forge outside Philadelphia, PA. 

I've been married to Sara, for nearly twenty years and am the proud father of four boys.  Colin and Liam (twins) are fourteen, Ethan is twelve and Jude is nine.  In addition to coaching and consulting, I serve as the Executive Director of Operations for a large church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I am a road cycling enthusiast and my hobbies include walks with Sara and hiking nature trails with just about anyone.  I'm an avid fan of high-school and college football, as well as professional mixed martial arts. Some quiet time with a good cup of coffee and a good book feeds my soul, as do relaxed conversations with family and good friends.

All my coaching and consulting is under the Lead Self Lead Others umbrella.   If you are interested in talking about how I might be able to help you, your business or your church move your story forward, fill out this quick coaching application.  It's free and does not obligate you to engage in any kind of agreement.  It's just to give me an idea what you're looking for so we can have a better conversation about how I may be able to come alongside you and help.

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