About Me

Left to Right: Ethan, Colin, Jason, Liam, Jude, Sara
Why I coach: For over twenty years, I’ve been a coaching leader.  During the past five years I’ve identified coaching as its own art and the more I study and practice it, the more I know it’s what God has made me to do.  Personally, coaching has helped me navigate some of my lowest lows and maximize some of my highest highs.  I love sharing those types of experiences with my clients, as well.  I find it fascinating that each and every person has the answers to all life’s challenges inside them, although many don’t know how to draw that out.  I love being the one who helps draw that truth out.  I believe God has placed me in this world to help you find your future. I specialize in coaching and life-planning for pastors, church leaders and Christian leaders of all kinds.  I also facilitate staff-wide strategic operating plans for organizations. 

What I do for fun: I love working out and watching sports.  My favorites to watch are MMA and college football.  I’ve recently gotten interested in trail hiking and endurance cycling too.  Let’s just say I have a growing love for the outdoors.  However, my favorite thing to do is taking long walks with my wife, Sara.

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