Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Easiest Way To Give Up Your Influence

The easiest way to give up your influence?  Easy.  Stop growing.  If you're a leader in the church, you need to be growing and moving forward.  This could take any number of shapes in your life . . . reading, taking a class, getting coaching, listening to podcasts, getting your body healthy, setting up true accountability measures for your life, working through a new Bible-reading and devotional plan. The list could be pretty long and your list would not necessarily look like mine.

No matter what would make your list, remember one thing.  If the people you're leading are growing faster than you are, you won't be leading them long.  The journey of growth, improvement and learning is never over.  Don't resent it.  Just embrace it.

Currently, I'm loving audiobooks and podcasts.  I've also just changed my morning schedule to include 2 miles on the treadmill.  What areas are you growing in right now?  In what areas do you feel stuck or stale?

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