Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Credit Where Credit is Truly Due

Fellowship Church (aka Solace Church) circa 2004
Yesterday, I spend several hours working with some of the other staff members at Solace Church up at our new location.  It's under construction and we were working through minute details, like where colored accent stripes will be placed on the building's exterior, who will occupy what office space and where will electrical outlets be placed.  We all talked about the mental drain that kind of work has on you, especially when you consider that all you can work with is a shell of a building with metal studs up on the inside.  It takes a fair amount of imagination to even think about how you'll use space like that.

Later in the day, I was driving to pick up some food for an evening meeting our staff was having and, all of a sudden, I became acutely aware that I was riding on the backs of others who have put in many years of hard work to get to the spot our church is at today.  

Solace Church new location - opening 2013 (ish)

I think, in another time in my life, I would have felt tempted to take some credit for the state of things at my church.  Today, I don't feel that temptation.  I feel humbled, almost to the point of embarrassment, that God and the amazing team at Solace Church have invited me to join the inner-circle here.  We're in an exciting time.  And I'm grateful that I can clearly see that what got us here is God's hand of blessing and hard work and sacrifice by many people who were here way before I was.

Consider today who sacrificed to get you to where you are today.  The notion of the self-made made is a myth.  You, too, have ridden the backs of many fine people.  And even if you can't see the contribution those people have made into your life, consider what James 1:17 says about God.  He's the ultimate source of all that is good in your life and mine.  I hope your day is filled with perspective that brings you joy and gratefulness.


SolaceChurch.com said...

Great post Jason. I couldn't agree with you more and I myself and the beneficiary of others who've gone before me to help prepare the way for us to be the church we are today. Great thoughts for sure

Jason Fitch said...

Yeah, the concept of one person or generation of people riding on the backs of another goes on and on. Seems like each one of us wants to take too much credit and we don't give enough away. Thanks.