Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Church Planter. Do you have a story or a plan?

Every church planter wants to share his story.  I'm all for that.  Stories are great.  Especially when they are stories of God giving  a family or a group of people faith-filled direction to do something new . . . like plant a church.

But even thought the stories are great and inspiring and probably what you need to get yourself motivated to take that first scary step, a story will not cause a new church to rise up out of nothing. But a plan might.

What's your plan to build a team to work along with you to start that new church?  What's your marketing plan to get the word out about that new church?  FYI - your community is not nearly as excited about your story or vision as you are.  This is not a negative fact. It's just a fact that needs to be understood and taken into consideration when you set expectations and even goals.  What's your plan to provide, financially, for yourself and your family?  This can be anything you want it to be, but please soberly face the reality that hoping and praying for your church to grow quickly enough to pay you a sufficient salary is not a plan.  I did this and I'm embarrassed about that.  I'm embarrassed because, quite simply, I was a coward.  I was afraid to face the reality that things may not go the way I thought they would.  Sorry, that's not faith.  That's fear.

I'd love to hear your story.  But even more than that, I'd love to hear your plan.  When you're in the planning, dreaming and vision stage of your church plant, it is difficult and painful to hear that your plan may be lacking or incomplete.  But please believe me when I say, It's much more painful to embrace that reality once you've gotten neck deep in it and have bet the farm on a poorly conceived plan.  Let's talk. I'm all for your vision and I'll tell your the truth about your plan.   Look me up.

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