Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What you discover, you own. What you own, you'll be committed to.

What I discover, I own.  What I own, I'm committed to.  That is a powerful truth.  One that will change the very course of your life, if you embrace it and allow it to.

Here's something you may not have realized.  Every answer to every question you have about your direction and your future is already inside you.  If you will invest the time and effort into looking at the story God has been, and still is telling with your life, you will realize who God has made you to be.  You will also realize, over time, who God has not made you to be.  Learning who you are and who you are not is huge in allowing you to move forward in your life.  It's discovery.  What you discover, you own.  What you own, you will be committed to.

God has wired and equipped me to be a person who can help you discover your future.  Until now, I've been preparing for the time I could go out and help people - people just like you - find their future.  Well, that time is finally here.  I now have some evening time-slots open for coaching with you through the week.   

If you're facing a tough decision.  If you're at a crossroads in life.  If you are just wondering - even asking God - "What do I do next?"  I can help you find the answers to all the questions you have.  Because the answers are already inside you!  It's not counseling.  It's discovery.  What you discover, you own.  What you own, you will be committed to.

If you're interested in the personal coaching sessions I'm offering, let me know.  Just leave a comment here, shoot me an email or give me a call.  I'm looking forward to helping YOU find your future.

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suzannah.smoot said...

Good stuff Jason! Thanks for sharing your heart for God :-)