Friday, August 3, 2012

good stuff God is doing!

Over the last year, I can hardly believe the transformation God has brought to my life.  There is nothing else I can attribute that to besides prayer and the grace of God.  Thank you for being such a vital part of helping to transform this man's life.  I think I've only just begun what God has in mind for me!

God seems to be bringing some new opportunities my way that I'm very excited about.  I'm in the very beginning stages of a new role serving as a leader for Community Groups at City Church.  I'm also seeing God bring together some opportunities for life plans and coaching.  I'm really excited about all this.  I'm just seeking God on where and when to step.  It feels like there is a lot of great possibility in the very near future and I want to walk toward the opportunities God's presenting to me.

A couple other things I'm praying about:
  • Diligence and energy to work through my 90-day goals from my Life Plan - I have a ton of 90-day action steps I'm working on as a result of my life plan I completed last month.  I'm on track, but I want to stay focused on those things God has shown me.
  • Journey Group - Just last night I was introduced to Journey Groups.  I'm considering joining one.  I'm hesitant to add something to my schedule because I feel like there is so much opportunity on the horizon with coaching, etc.  But I do want to seek God on this because I believe it could be something very key in my life and in helping me disciple others.
  • Healthier & stronger body - One of my goals from my life plan is to view the back pain I've been struggling with as a "thorn in the flesh"  That perspective has really changed things for me.  However, that doesn't mean I'm not continuing to believe that God is bringing healing.  I pray daily for a strong and straight spine.  
Thanks, again, for your prayers.  Please let me know how I can pray for you today.

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