Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wow! Big steps forward. Look!

Just wanted to check in with you quickly this morning.  I hope you're doing great.  I want to start with some really wonderful blessings God has put in my life lately:

  • Life Plan is in place - Thank you for your prayers last week concerning my life plan.   I spent about 6 hours prior to and about 16 hours with my coach on the retreat and came out with a very good picture of where I want to be in a year personally, professionally  and spiritually.  On top of the great direction I'm heading in the next year, I have 90-day action plans for each area.  I can't tell you how much clarity and change of perspective God has brought to my life through this Life Plan.  By the way, one of my future goals is to facilite these Life Plan retreats for others.  If you are interested, let me know.  I can explain some of the specifics to you.
  • Moving toward ministry again - Just last week, my pastor at City Church asked me to consider serving as the Ministry Leader for Community Groups at our church.  I didn't have to consider much, since I had already been asking God for that very assignment.  It's a volunteer level responsibility, but a much deeper role than I have filled thus far at City Church.
  • A better health plan - God just made a way yesterday for me to get on a regular schedule of seeing my chiropractor.  To this point, it's only been reactionary - when I'm in so much pain, I can't stand it.  I believe this new plan is going to keep me much healthier and improve the quality of my life (and my family's :) significantly.
Some prayers I'm praying this week:
  • Physical health - Over the last few weeks, I've been enduring a lot (more than normal) of back pain.   I think the above-mentioned thing with the chiropractor will help a lot, but as my chiropractor often says, "Doctors treat, God heals."  Truer words have not been spoken.  I'm still asking God to heal my back - to make it straight and strong.
  • 90 days - As I mentioned before, I have a long list of 90-day action steps.  It's a lot to get rolling.  But, if I get this stuff rolling, the trajectory of my life changes significantly.  At this point, I'm just asking God to give me the daily discipline to chip away at those steps I need to be working on.   
Thanks for your prayers!  I would love to pray for you or talk to you about your Life Plan.  Reply back or give me a call or whatever.  Hope to talk to you soon.

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