Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I'm praying about this week

Just wanted to send a few ideas your way as you pray this week.  Thanks so much for all your prayers and friendship!
  • Engle Landscaping - In case you didn't know, this is my new employer.  I'm just praying for God to give us a ton of business.  This landscaping job has been a real God-send.  I'm going to need to be mowing 40+ hours each week this summer for our family to make it.  Looks like we're on our way to that level, but want to ask for more of God's favor.
  • Easter Egg Hunt - March 31 is our Easter Egg Hunt outreach.  We're believing for 500 people to show up and for 50 new guests at church the following week for Easter Sunday service.  
  • New people in new positions - Leaders are really shifting positions at Freedom Valley right now.  There has been a fair amount of shift already and I think there is more to come.  That can be a little confusing and turbulent, but it ends up being a big win for everyone involved.  I'm asking for God's wisdom and guidance in this season of change.
Thanks so much for your prayers.  Love you guys.

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