Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Aggressive Faith Begins NOW!

Ok, maybe it begins this Sunday.  But, either way, we begin a 3-week mini-series leading up to Easter Sunday entitled "Aggressive Faith".  Here's the deal.

At Freedom Valley, we are calling this the year of Aggressive Faith.  But to have aggressive faith, some things have to be faced . . . some fears must be put to bed . . . and some issues need to be settled.

This week, we begin looking at what the Bible tells us about those issues and what "aggressive faith"  looks like in action.  This Sunday's message is called "Convincing Myself".  We will face some real issues.  Like the fact that everyone - even great people -  have had doubts.  We will see how willing God is to put your doubts to rest . . . if you're willing to choose to believe.  I hope you'll join me this Sunday as we begin this powerful series.

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