Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prayers From Dallas

I'm writing this as Sara and I drive back from the All Access Conference in Dallas. What a great three days with my best friend! Over these days we've prayed together and talked a lot. We're really asking God to show us a tangible next step to take that would propel us and our church to the next level in building God's Kingdom. Will you join us in that prayer? I know it's a little foggy, but we both know there is something there that we need God's clarity on.

Here are some other, more tangible, prayers I'm praying this week:
  • Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday – We're asking God for great weather (forecast as of now is 86 & sunny!), huge turnout (1500 invitations went home with students this week), safety & great connections for everyone who comes.
  • Easter Sunday Next Week – April 8 is Easter Sunday and we're asking God of 50 new people to attend that day. We will be mailing an invitation to everyone who's been to our church before and all the people who register for prizes at the Egg Hunt. Also praying for 30 salvations and many of the guests to return and stay with Freedom Valley.
  • Key Leaders in Key Positions – I can feel that we're in a season of change and shift at Freedom Valley. We are in the process of getting the right people in the right places. Change can be messy, it can be painful, but most of all, it can be powerful. I'm asking God for wisdom, direction and boldness as we navigate these changes.
Thank you, again, for all your prayers and friendship! Please let me know how I can pray for you.

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