Thursday, April 5, 2012

The prayers I pray

I'm about to go and spend some time in prayer this morning (yeah, I'm so spiritual - actually, just running late :)  But I would love for you to join me in these prayers today and this week.
  • Discovering who I am - I've been in a process over the last few months, working with a personal coach, to discover how God has made me and gifted me.  I'm learning a lot of things about myself and some of my frustrating tendencies are not as frustrating anymore now that I'm discovering some more things about me.  I'm just asking God to show me more and more of this picture of myself so I can know what my maximum contributions to God's Kingdom can be.  I believe He's in the process of showing me and I'm continuing to pray that He does.
  • BIG Easter Sunday - Our team at Freedom Valley has worked very hard to reach our goal of seeing 50 new guests at church this Sunday.  We've renovated, served, outreached and invited.  We're just asking God to bring the increase and change to people's lives that only He can bring.  
  • More work - God has blessed Engle Landscaping a lot.  We are at the point of giving me and my partner, Andy, about three full days of work each week.  We both are looking for 5.  Could you pray that our # of customers increases to give us (and even some more people) the work they need.  
Thank you so much for your prayers.  I asked you to pray for great weather and a big turnout for last Saturday's Easter Egg Hunt.  The weather was perfect and we had over 600 people come out!  You guys are good pray-ers!  Thank you.

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