Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some prayers YOU can pray with me

Got a busy week ahead that is filled with opportunities and could use your prayers
  • Trip this week - I'm leaving Tulsa Thursday evening with 4 others from our church to spend the weekend in PA.  I'll be preaching at Freedom Valley in Gettysburg, reconnecting with some of our other network pastors and our team will get to serve at some of our other network churches.  I'm asking God for a quick and safe trip free of ANY poor weather, for our team to build bonds that will go far in building God's Kingdom, lives to be changed in all the churches we get to serve in and for the trip to be blessed financially.  Also asking God to bless our church in Tulsa with a great day with strong attendance and the Holy Spirit moving!
  • New Church Launching this Sunday - Cross Culture Church in Owasso, OK is launching this Sunday.  They are not a church we planted, but Pastor Jamie Varnell and his team have become good friends.  We are sending a couple people from our church in Tulsa up there to serve with them during their launch service.  If you know someone in their area, tell them about this great new church that's starting this Sunday.  
  • 21 Days to Move Mountains - We're in Day 15 of our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting.  I'm asking God to move mountains in my life, the lives of the people in our church and our city.  He can do it and He is doing it!

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