Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Look how fasting and prayer is working in her life!

From Phebe Duncan, who lives in Tulsa.

"I can tell you that in the last 8days God has REALLY opened my eyes to the authority he has delegated to me.  I have learned a new way to combat the enemy and I am LOVING this new 'power through Christ' woman I am becoming. I can't even begin to explain the things that have just jumped out at me in the scripture concerning my authority! God is so good!!!  I hope everyone else is finding the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional breakthroughs that they are seeking! . . .  I wish more Christians would step up into the authority God has delegated to them through Christ. The freedom found in that authority and power is amazing!  Oh, something else I discovered, it seems I am a little behind in this realization but, the Armor of God...everything is for defense against satan and his attacks, except for the Sword of the Spirit, it is for offense, to attack, it is an active weapon.  I am guilty of being the Christian that puts up all the defensive elements but I was never one on the attack. Now satan can bet that I am coming after him! He doesn't stand a chance!  Anyway, this fast has been amazing! God is so awesome!"

Remember, you still can download the 21-Day Awakening devotional for free right here.

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