Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some Prayers To Pray

I can't even begin to explain how much God is changing my view of Him.  And when my view of Him increases, my problems seem to decrease.  That's good stuff.

Here are some areas you could join me in prayer this week:
  • The best family Christmas ever - This is the first Christmas in three years that I will get to spend with my parents and they will spend with us and the grandkids.  I'm asking God to make this Christmas weekend the most enjoyable, restful and special one anyone in our family has ever had.
  • Rest for our leadership team - Much of our church leadership team is on the road visiting family over the Christmas season.  I'm asking God for His blessing of safety and security on them.  We've virtually closed our church for two weeks just so our team can get some rest and I'm asking God to give them a deeper rest than they even thought possible.  I know many of you are on our leadership team, so go a head and pray for yourself :)
  • Ever-increasing faith - Like I said before, I'm becoming just a little bit aware of how incredible God is.  I am asking God to continually increase my faith.  The time has come for me to believe bigger and pray bigger than ever before and my faith is rising like I've never felt.  Bring it on, God.  I hope to share some specifics on this with you next week.

Love you guys.  Have a very Merry Christmas!  

How can I pray for you?  I really would love to.

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