Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Plans @ Freedom Valley

Just wanted to share with you what's going on and what's NOT going on this week at Freedom Valley.  
  • I want to make sure all of you realize that Freedom Valley will not be holding services on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  Our next service will be Sunday, January 1 @ 11am.  If you're looking for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services, I would encourage you to worship with Connection Church who is very close by.
  • Since we will not be holding services, I want to make sure those of you who are regular tithers and givers have the opportunity to keep up with your giving.  You can give securely, anytime, right here.  I deeply appreciate those of you who are funding the vision God has give us at Freedom Valley.  
  • Update on our Christmas Offering.  Thanks to your generosity, we received nearly $800 on Sunday to give away.  Ok, it was $790, but we just made it an even $800.  This week, we are giving $400 to CrossCulture Church, a new church in Owasso who will be opening January 29.  The other $400 is going to a local family in need. That single mom could hardly believe it when I told her about it.  She went on to tell me she just lost her job this week!   It's so cool to be able to be a blessing to people when they need it most.  THANK YOU to all of you who gave so generously in that offering last week.  
I am praying today that everyone who reads this will have a very blessed, peaceful and restful Christmas.  I'll miss you this weekend, but will see you January 1.

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