Friday, December 16, 2011

A Christmas Offering Can Change a Family!

Last year we collected about $1800 in our Christmas offering at Freedom Valley.  I hope, and am praying, we can collect even more this year.  But let me tell you about how that $1800 impacted one family last year.

The week before Christmas, I sat in the living room of this small apartment and told these complete strangers (the school guidance counselor had given me their name and said they were in need) that our church wanted to (1) pay their rent (2) pay their electric bill (3) pay their car insurance and (4) leave them with a $300 gift card to Wal-Mart to give their kids (3rd & 4th grade) a great Christmas.

Not bad, considering that prior to that visit they had no idea how they were going to pay their rent, electric bill or car insurance.  They had also decided they could not do Christmas gifts for their kids and it broke their hearts.  On top of that, they began coming to our church.  They ended up deciding it was not quite their style, but they have gotten plugged in at another church that is.

I'll never forget standing in the parking lot of the 68th & Memorial Wal-Mart with this guy as he hugged me and said, "I've never quite met anyone like you before."  Wow. This should not be the exception for the church.  This should be the norm.  Still think you really need to buy yourself another gift this Christmas?  

We will be receiving our Christmas offering this Sunday at Freedom Valley.  I hope you'll really give something significant this year.  Because you can be a significant difference maker.  If you can't make it to church this Sunday, for some reason, you can give online right here or mail a check to: (mark it "Christmas Offering")  By the way, 100% of this offering goes to needs outside of our church.

Freedom Valley Church
12330 E. 60th St. South
Suite E.
Tulsa, OK  74146

Have a Merry Christmas.  This is what the season is all about.

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