Monday, November 7, 2011

Needs have been more than met!

I just received this message from the school counselor at Jefferson Elementary.  We have a great man in our congregation who works for a moving company and is willing to help transporting the donations.  Looks like all those needs have been met.  That's great news!  

If you do have items that you've already purchased or are intent on donating, we can still give them to Windsail management to disburse.  Just let me know if that is you.

"The Union community has been awesome and we have gotten in more donations for our families than we need at this point- believe it or not! Once I make sure our families are totally covered, I will be giving our leftover donations to Windsail to disburse to the other fire victims. At this point the biggest help is the moving company resource. That is perfect! Thanks so much!"

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