Friday, November 4, 2011

How You Can Help Windsail Fire Victims

There was a serious fire at the Windsail Apartments this week.  You can see the news story here.
Some families  from our community partner school, Jefferson Elementary were effected.  I received this recently from the school counselor at Jefferson.  You can bring any of these items to church on Sunday and we will make sure they get to the school.  Let me know if you want to donate any of the big stuff and we'll make a plan of where and when to drop it off:

"Currently, our families are in need of beds (from toddler size to full) since their apts are small and won’t fit a king, or even sometimes a queen. The kids have received a lot of clothing and have shopped at our klothes kloset, but donations of new or gently used toys would be great- or gift cards to replace lost electronics would be a real luxury. Two of our families could really use bunk beds since the apt bedrooms are small and kids are sharing. One of our family has 3 children sharing a room and a baby with them in theirs."

Sara and I bought a bunch of pillows and pillow cases for beds today.  I hope you can find a way to help too.  See you on Sunday.

Pastor Jason

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