Tuesday, June 7, 2011

breakthroughs happening!

I hope you all are doing great this week! Just want you to know that I'm seeing so many breakthroughs related to the areas you've been praying on lately. Here are a few:
  • Sara and I's personal finances are doing very well. So are the church finances. I will receive my first partial paycheck from the church since March this month.
  • We had a HUGE # of guests at church on Sunday. Even as we get into summer, our church is growing!
  • We are about to make a move to Freedom Valley's first full-time facility - more on that below.
Some areas you could pray with me this week:
  • Our church move - We will give notice to the movie theater today and hope to sign our new lease later this week. Freedom Valley is moving to our first permanent facility! We've really done our homework on this and not only can we afford it, but it's actually going to cost us slightly less than the movie theater. On top of that, we can stop insuring our big box truck too! This is going to be a huge blessing - not only to us, but we get to bless others as well. As soon as we make this move we will be able to bless another church planter, who is going to do a portable church environment, with our truck and equipment cases. The plan, presently, is to make this move in late July. Additionally, we will need about $20,000 over the next few months to do what we would like to do in this new building. That would be a big point of prayer :)
  • My schedule - I'm just working more hours than I've ever worked before. When I picked up this second job at the hospital, I was determined to (1) not let me family get squeezed out of my life and (2) not give up a weekly sabbath day of rest. Well, neither has happened and I'm very glad for that. But, honestly, I'm just tired. I'm getting used to the hours I'm working and the length of the days, but I still need to acclimate a bit more. I'd appreciate your prayers.
  • Church finances - Just like our church attendance, our church finances are steadily growing. I am still praying that our weekly income averages $3000/week. We're getting closer, but we're not quite there. I'm also looking for God to provide those three large gifts of $10K, $25K and $50K this year.
  • My foolishness - As I was in my personal devotion time this morning, Proverbs 29:11 stuck out to me: It says, "Fools vent their anger, but the wise quietly hold it back.". I'm not like some ranting lunatic, but there are times (many times) where my anger is vented in front of my kids. Usually in the form of heavy sighs or growls. Well, that's not what I want to teach my kids and that's not what I want to be. I don't want to be foolish. I want to be wise and I want to raise wise kids. Could you just pray with me that I'd be more aware of this and be more in control.

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