Monday, May 30, 2011

Exciting Development!

Got some exciting stuff happening this week! Your prayers are very much appreciated.

If you cold just focus with me on one thing this week, that would be awesome. We have been looking for a new and permanent facility for Freedom Valley for a couple months now. I think we may have found one that is a good fit. There is a 7000 square foot facility at 60th St between Garnett and 129th that was a former church facility, so it's almost move-in ready. The rent is actually less than what we pay at the movie theater, although with utility costs we may pay slightly more than what the theater costs us. Anyway, I could go on all day about details. The bottom line is that I'm asking God to give us favor in making this deal. After a good amount of prayer and discussion, everyone on our lead team feels good about this place. I'm asking God to help us make this deal this week and be able to move in sometime mid to late summer. Even if everything goes great, we will need to raise some significant money to outfit this building to function well (chairs, storage cabinets, tables, refrigerator for kitchen, sound treatment for some walls, paint, etc). God owns it all, so join me in asking Him to allow us to manage a little more of it.

Thanks for your prayers!

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