Monday, April 11, 2011

your prayers are so powerful

Your prayers sure are working! Last week was a breakthrough for me personally. I am really overcoming some fears and God is opening my eyes to some issues in our church that are relatively easy to fix that will bring us a much greater level of health. I really believe this a lot to do with your prayers. Thank you so much for your faithful partnership!

Where my prayers are focused this week:
  • Job - I've applied for a few jobs, but this week begins my job search in earnest. I am looking for a first-shift job that runs M-F and pays enough where Sara does not have to go to full-time work. It's a pretty tall order, but I trust God to meet my needs and answer my prayers. Please pray with me for that job this week.
  • Leaders & Location - I am currently working with many of our church leaders to reorganize how our leaders function and where they report. We are also actively looking for a new location for our church. Please understand that this is not a "we're moving" announcement. We are going to be meeting at the Cinemark Theater for the foreseeable future. We're just in the beginning stages of looking for a facility that can help us get to the next level. Between the leadership clarity that our reorganization will bring and a possible new facility, I believe our church can be positioned to take off in the very near future.
  • Easter - Easter is a traditional time when churches grow. I'm asking God that our church would grow significantly through this Easter season and that we do a good job caring for those new people we meet and see that growth sustained as we move on through this year. I'm also asking God to put His blessing on our Good Friday Service on April 22 and the Community Easter Egg Hunts on April 23. So far, we have raised $2000 of the $4000 needed for that egg hunt. Pray we find donors for the other $2000.
  • Finances - The last six weeks have been the strongest financial weeks our church has seen yet! I praise God for that and I'm asking you to continually join me in believing for our average weekly offerings to be $3K and for God to bring in special gifts of $10K, $25K and $50K. I want to help other new churches in our area get started so bad, I can taste it. These financial breakthroughs will really get us to where we can help in very significant ways.
Thank you again for all your faithful prayers. You mean the world to me!

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