Wednesday, June 2, 2010

today I prayed

I set aside about half the day to "spend with God". Whatever that means. I guess I'm learning what it means, because every time I do this, God teaches me things and gives me clues about where to step next.

I had breakfast with Josh Schneeberger. It was a great conversation. Here is a young guy looking for a challenge, hoping to be stretched and asking for accountability. It doesn't get much better than that. I left our breakfast this morning realizing that God taught me a whole bunch about how much we leaders need to rely on Him. I know that sounds so weak and cliche', but there is something that God did in my soul this morning along those lines. Words don't cut it.

Next, I drove over to the area of the city where I lived as a young kids (like ages 7-12). Man, this is another one that I don't have words for, but I can say for sure I have a vision to plant a church in that part of town someday. Actually, I want to send a planter into that part of town. I so don't connect with the culture there - mostly Spanish and some Asian - but my spirit is on fire as I imagine a church operating in the abandoned car lot on 31st and 169. If you read this and God sets your heart on fire in a similar way, call me today. I think He might be up to something here.

Next, I spent some time walking and praying at Hicks Park. I played there endless hours as a kid and as I prayed for my boys today I believe God broke a generational curse that they may never have to deal with - at least not at the level I have dealt with it.

More than anything, the sermon I will preach this weekend about the wonder of God has come alive to me in some new ways today. I love living in Tulsa. Not so much because it's a better city than yours, but because God wants me here and I feel like I belong here. It's the first time I feel like I belong in a city since . . . the last time I lived in Tulsa.

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