Tuesday, May 25, 2010


About a month ago I registered to run a quarter marathon in August. I started my training this week. I have run for two whole days in a row. I'm pretty sore, but I'm glad to be running again.

As I was running, I was listening to Rick Warren's leadership podcast and he was having a discussion about the huge importance of reading in the life of a leader. I started off thinking it was going to affirm me, but it really challenged me on how and what I read. I read a lot of current stuff, but I read almost nothing old, nothing "classic". I'd like to change that. I would love to get your suggestions on where to start.


Keturah Walter said...

If you are looking for a good older book, "100 Days In the Secret Place" Compiled by Gene Edwards, but the writers are from the 1400's-1700's, I believe. Such good stuff. I got it for Jake a few years ago, maybe you could borrow it from him.

Good luck with your training. Are you using a specific plan? If so please share. I need to start training soon.

Jason Fitch said...

Thanks Keturah! I'm actually waiting for a friend to write up a plan for me. I can forward it on to you when I get it. I'll as Jake about that book. Thanks!