Friday, June 5, 2009

boot camp is over

We're almost home from an intense week at church planters boot camp. Surprisingly, it was not all that fun. I just thought it would be. But, what it lacked in fun it more than made up for in challenge and substance. I think my team and I have many hours of work to do to adequately answer the six core questions that boot camp asks, but we have a good plan to get that and other important work finished.

Oh, and speaking of my team, there is no better group of individuals I would want to plant FV Tulsa with. Daniel St. Armand, Jake Lewis, Heather Bryant and Lauren Sarnecki are awesome! It's worth noting that the team did not fee complete this week without the lovely Sara Fitch and Shawna Lewis. I sure missed them.

Overall, this was a fantastic week. We were all challenged on multiple levels, met and networked with some wonderful new people and made some serious progress on our ministry plan for the church. I was hoping and praying for some great synergy to occur this week and it sure did! I feel very grateful to my Lord and this great team of leaders.

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