Tuesday, June 2, 2009

how God works

We just finished our first full day of church planters boot camp and God gave us an opportunity to be His church in action already! We were on our way back to our hotel tonight when we passed a hitchhiker who looked pretty desperate.

Upon picking her up, we found out her name was Kelly and she needed a ride home. As we made conversation and she found out why we were in town, she told us that we were the 4th person or set of people in 4 days who were reminding her of God's love. It seemed to make a pretty big impact on her.

After driving her another 30 minutes or so, we found her house. Daniel prayed for her and I gave her Nick Poole's cell phone #(really, I'm not joking) so she could have a local person to connect with to get into the body of Christ.

Funny how God works. We all play our part when we treat every person we come across as if they were Jesus himself. I'm praising God for the opportunity to love on somebody who felt unloved tonight.