Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the rubber meets the road

I met with a good friend of mine yesterday to talk through his vision of planting a church next year. Of course, it really does not make much sense. He's got a good job with steady pay and all that, but he and his wife just might be willing to give that up to pursue a vision they believe God has placed in their hearts. As we talked about that, I could see the weight of it all descend on him. The fun dream became a reality. Real vision has to equate to real faith and real sacrifice. The rubber meets the road, as they say. I applaud a leader who will look at big vision with a sober reverence and still face it head on. I also want to be that leader.


shawna lewis said...

haha- "Crap, I'm 36 :)"

Guess you're officially not young anymore! (You are totally welcome anytime, of course).

Thanks for the encouragement. We're excited, too. God gave me the idea Sunday morning while I was praying, and by Sunday afternoon Jake & I had it all planned out and ready to go! Whew!

jeremiah said...

That pretty much sums it up...well put, Jay!