Tuesday, September 23, 2008

sleep, pain , overload . . . perspective

Our baby Jude has slept the whole night through the last two nights. I can't tell you how good Sara and I feel with two full night's sleep under our belts.

I've had some serious pain in my ribs since last week. I guess I had a rib pop out of place. It hurts to do everything, especially to breathe and laugh. It is getting better and I'll see my chiropractor again about it today. Man, I'm so thankful for chiropractors.

We had another meeting with our building project consultant yesterday. All I can say is that my brain is seriously overloaded. I started feeling a little desperate about it yesterday, then God reminded me that we're playing offense, not defense, with this project.

I like a full night's sleep, but partial is ok for the sake of my baby. I like a pain free life, but improvement is better than where I was last week. I like serving God with no sense that I must go to a new level, but doing it from an offensive posture is better than from a defensive one.

It's all about perspective. Thank God for a healthy perspective today.

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