Thursday, December 6, 2007

God blesses with another opportunity!

I saw that there was some money sitting in a missions account at church and I had the thought (I wish I could say I was so spiritual that I prayed this, but I only though it) "I sure wish I had a good place to sow some of that money into." It was only several hours until I received a text message from one of our young adults in a ministry training school asking for prayer to receive a large sum of money by Friday to continue that training. What a blessing to both of us that I could immediately text back that it was covered! God not only blesses us by providing for our needs, but giving opportunities to provide for the needs of others. It's amazing to me how interconnected we are as the body of Christ, yet we get so focused on our own stuff and miss out on how perfectly we could work together.

I mentioned this person in ministry training and it reminds me how overjoyed I am to see those who used to be kids in our church growing into powerful leaders and ministers in God's kingdom. What a difference a few months or a year makes in some cases. I am so excited to look at what God is planning for this generation. And I don't just mean "this generation" as in people that age somewhere in the world. I mean the actual kids I have ministered to over the last 10 years who are growing into powerful men and women of God. This world needs more Jakes, Annas, Shawnas, Davids, Rachaels, and DeAnnas. Yes, I missed many of the names that fall into this category, but the list is not meant to be all inclusive. I feel so privileged, and a bit overwhelmed, at having a hand in leadership for this movement.

Last night was another one of boys waking up regularly with fevers and ear aches. Please continue to pray for the health of our boys and family. It's such a grind right now. But this too shall pass.

I'm getting ready to go to the gym now and I can hardly believe what a joy it has been to begin lifting weights again. I have not done it seriously since high school and I really love it. I thank God for bringing that to me. It's probably the first thing that has resembled a hobby since my twins were born over 4 years ago.

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