Thursday, October 27, 2016

How To Be Successful

I'm a successful person.  Does that sound arrogant?  Maybe delusional?  It's funny how we all feel like we can easily define what it means to be a successful person.  It's one of those things we think we know how to do, but if anyone questioned us, we would be at a loss.  Kind of like, "Hey do you know to spell the word conscience?"  Or maintenance. Or supersede. Or liaison.  Or pharaoh.  Yeah, I had to look up the spelling on all of them, but it seems like I know how to spell them.  Until I try.

So, how do we know if someone is successful?

How much money does a person need to make to be successful?
Do they need to be married?
Do they need to be single?
Do they need to be an American?
Do they need to be white?
Do they need to be black?
Do they need a white collar job?
Do they need to own their own home?
Do they need to have children?
What if they have a handicapped child?  Still successful?
Does one's level of success depend on how they compare to others?

Do you get my point?  Success is not about any of these or a thousand other superficial issues. Success is about who you choose to be.  It's about your mindset and your values.  Your values will shape your behaviors and your behaviors are actually what make you a success or a failure.   There's a neat little sign to the right containing some great value-based behaviors that probably have a lot to do with success and failure. Give them a look.

So, it's up to you.  Success or failure?  You cannot blame anyone else if you see yourself as a failure.  It's just up to you.  

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