Friday, April 22, 2016

Caution: You May Find This Offensive

I'm going to make a prediction.  This will be one of my five most-viewed blog posts of all time.  Because it's so well-written? No.  Because I'm solving the world's problems with my words?  No.  The simple reason I'll make this prediction has almost everything to do with the title and what you might be looking for.

Can I ask you a question?  Why did you click the link and start reading this?  I mean, it's illogical.  If the title suggests you might find it offensive, logic would dictate that you steer clear.  But that's the issue, isn't it?  We're in an era where we love to hate offense.  We look for it.  Some of us even crave it.  Our culture is moving, ever-steadily, toward a victim mentality. Whatever the issue, it's usually someone else's fault.  We seem to have an ever-increasing need to cast blame, whether it's for high gas prices, low gas prices, state budget shortfalls, potholes in the street, or whatever else is under our skin this week.  We have a need to cast blame and we have a need to take personal offense at almost every turn.  After all, if I feel less than satisfied with myself, isn't it better to blame you (because you've offended me) instead of just taking responsibility for myself?

Doesn't it seem like almost everyone is offended by something, for some reason, most of the time?  But why?Living a life of offense will never put you in a place above others. It will never get you ahead.  It will never help you find happiness.  Living a life of offense will never make you feel better about yourself.

So, since offense seems to be a useless emotion, I want to challenge you to drop the act and realize a very important truth today.  To take offense is a choice.  Plain and simple.  The rock-bottom truth is that not one other human being on this planet can offend you.  They can behave in deplorable ways. They can throw insults at you.  They can ignore you. They can cheat you.  They can even commit crimes against you.  But, after all of that, they can only offend you if you choose to take offense.  In this case, you have all the power, yet you choose to give it away when you choose offense. Choose wisely.  For some additional reading on this topic, click here.

Oh, and if this offended you, please leave a comment.

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David Setzer said...


What has happened to the American spirit? We’ve gone from “Give me liberty, or give me death!” to “Take care of me, please.” Our colleges were once bastions of free speech; now they’re bastions of speech codes. Our culture once rewarded independence; now it rewards victim-hood. Parents once taught their kids how to fend for themselves; now, any parent who tries may get a visit from the police.

Pretty much sums it up..