Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Prayers This Week

It seems like I have a lot more things to praise God about this week than to pray for.  Let me start there.  Here's what I'm praising God for :
  • I just came off a fantastic trip to PA.  The team that came with me was awesome and we connected and worked on some God-ideas while spending long hours in the van.  We also saw God move greatly as we served at 3 of our network churches on Saturday & Sunday
  • I am on Day 21 of a 21-day fast.  I cannot describe to you how much my faith has grown and how much the voice of worry has diminished.  God is truly answering my prayers to have bigger faith.  Of course, I'm not even close to done praying those prayers.
  • There are several key components to our church that are taking shape right now.  Some of them are corporate prayer time, youth ministry, membership process & and a new, more inclusive, small group structure. I'm very excited about that and about some new leaders I think God is in the process of promoting right now.  
Some prayers I'm praying this week:
  • We have a lady in our church who has a very sick mom in South Carolina.  She is praying she could find a way to visit her soon.  She told me she needs about $500 to make the trip.  I'm just praying with her that God provides the money.  Can you join me?
  • I'm praying for a couple families that have visited our church lately who liked it very much.  I'm asking God for them to join us and get involved.  They are great people who have a lot to offer God's Kingdom.
  • Would you join me in praying over my prayer circles again for 2012.  I pray over these daily, but would like to ask you to join me, from time to time.  You can view them here.
  • Like I said above, we are working on a bunch of ideas to bring the water-level up at our church.  Can you pray with me for great wisdom and guidance as we go about implementing them over the next few months.  
I love you guys and hope you're having a fantastic week so far.  Please let me know if I can pray for you about anything this week.  I'd love to.

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