Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last prayer focus of the year!

Well, this is the last time I'll be writing to you this year. It's gone fast and has been a wild year. One of the highlights is being able to partner with you each week. Thank you for that.
Here are some prayers I'm praying this week and would ask you to join me.
  • Big trip this week – Unfortunately, Sara lost her grandfather, Harry Holt, on December 26. Our family has decided to all go back to New York this week for the Memorial Service and to be a blessing to our family. We leave tomorrow morning and will cover over 3000 miles in our van in less than a week. I'm asking God that we will be safe, make lasting memories with our boys and that we can be a true blessing to our family in New York. We're also asking God to provide for the financial side of this trip. It's probably going to cost us plenty, but we believe God is our source :).
  • Big prayers I'm praying for 2012 – I'm not quite ready to unveil some of the big prayers I'm praying for 2012, but I will soon. Can you just ask God to increase your faith to join me in those prayers as I share them with you.
Thank you, again, for your partnership in prayer this year. I hope we'll have another great year of partnership together in 2012.

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