Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's time to LOVE TULSA

As part of our LOVE TULSA outreach initiative, we will be holding Fall Fest at Jefferson Elementary on Saturday, October 29 from 4-6pm.  I want to ask every person reading this to help.

You can help 3 easy ways.

  1. Volunteer - We are expecting hundreds of kids and families and could use your help to set up, run games, clean up or just hang out and love on kids.  If you can volunteer, please email me back and give you more details.
  2. Donate Candy - The store shelves are stocked with Halloween Candy. Can you pick up an extra bag or two and drop it off at the church?  We can drop it off Wednesday evening between 6:30-9pm and Sunday morning between 10am - 1pm.  If you want to drop it off another time, just reply back and I'll set up a time to meet you.  See the home page our our website for directions.
  3. Donate Cash - We are estimating this event to cost us somewhere between $600 and $1000.  If you would like to help underwrite that cost to reach out to our community, you can give online easily and securely right here.
Hope your week is going great and I cannot wait to work with you at Fall Fest on October 29! Hope to see you Wednesday or Sunday at church too!

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