Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Don't Borrow Pain From the Future

Yesterday I was fretting to my pastor, mentor and friend Gerry Stotlzfoos (yeah, he's all that to me :) about how tough things are for me and different stuff I'm worried about.  You been there before?  You there now?  I hope his wise and Spirit-led words give you as much hope and peace as they have given me.  He said:

"For you to project out another month or two is simply borrowing pain from the future. Jesus said "don't worry about tomorrow. Wise planning is great, but when the time comes that you have done everything in your power, then you simply stand and see the power of God. You will see it, and you will win."

Make today a great day.


jeremiah said...

These words are so true and I am SO there with you, Jay! Thanks for posting this...It's funny, but we have been preaching from that very passage during our current sermons series and I still don't do it well.

I miss you bro and would love to talk to you sometime so we can compare notes. I am praying for you!


Jason Fitch said...

Thanks dude! Love to talk sometime soon!

TJ Markland said...

I love it!