Monday, September 12, 2011

This week in my life . . .

I'm coming off of a week of great challenges and great victories.  I spent all week in a bunch of pain, but I think I finally found a chiropractor who will help me heal and be healthy for good.  Also, our grand opening day at church was a really great one yesterday.  Here is what I'm praying about this week.  Thanks for joining me in these prayers:

  • No Fear - As you know, our family is taking a big step of faith as I pull back from work at the hospital.  I am giving up a significant amount of money there with no guarantee of it coming from anywhere else.  I won't lie, I do struggle with a small degree of fear that somehow my family will go without.  But, the greater fear I struggle with is that people who God has given me influence with will watch me on the journey and have their own faith shaken if my "step of faith" somehow fails.  Now, I know that's not going to happen because that's not the way my God operates.  I prayed and waited on God until I felt Him release me to take this step, so I know it's not a presumption on my part.  No fear is ever a good thing and I refuse to yield to any kind of fear.  So, I appreciate your prayers to keep me strong and walking straight into my fear. 
  • Patience - I realized yesterday that I'm a little less patient than I thought I was.  Since I'm taking a big step of faith now, I think I'm expecting God to blow things up immediately and meet all my needs through the church.  Maybe He will do that.  But maybe He won't.  I will be honest.  Yesterday was a great day and we had a good healthy crowd at church, but I expected a significantly larger one.  I struggled yesterday, in the midst of a great day with some great victories, to not feel a little disappointed.  Yet another opportunity for me to learn to be patient and not presume to know how God is going to work.  So, I'm praying for an increased amount of patience this week.
  • Health - I've been struggling on and off with back and neck pain since March 2010 - and the pain has been mostly on.  I'm sick of it.  I'm done with it.  I have found a chiropractor who actually has a plan for wellness and we're beginning that now.  But, as good as he is, he's not my source of wellness.  God is.  Can you join me praying for wellness this week.  On that subject, I'm really at a spot where I need to make a turn in my eating and exercise habits.  My weight is creeping up and I just need to be healthier.  Thanks for the prayers along those lines.
Shoot me back anything I can pray for you about.  I love doing that!  Thanks for your prayers and have a great week.

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