Thursday, September 15, 2011

set your priorities

I hope this has been a fantastic week for you!  I just want to ask for two minutes of your day so I can update you on what's happening at Freedom Valley.
  • Set Your Priorities - We will continue our "Priorities" teaching series this week as we talk about making God a priority.  I have a good friend of mine, Frank Thomas, flying in this weekend to share his story of how God became a priority to him.  He's an ordinary guy with an extraordinary story.  
  • LOVE Tulsa Tonight - Jefferson Elementary has asked Freedom Valley to come out to their school Open House tonight as one of their community partners.  We will be loving on kids with a big inflatable in the gym and giving stuff away to families.  So grateful for this opportunity. Tonight 5-7pm.  Come hang out with us!
  • Your New Friends - This Sunday we will open sign ups for our new semester of Connection Groups.  These are 12-week small groups centered around various topics and a perfect opportunity for you to know new friends on a new level.  Much more info this Sunday.
  • Home Improvement - Please be praying about how God would have you be involved in our Home Improvement project.  Between now and October 2, we are pulling together to raise $5000 to do some much needed improvements to our ministry space at church.  If you did not grab your envelope(s), you still can this Sunday. If you can't make it to church, but want to give toward this project, you can do so easily and quickly right here.
Wow, it looks like this is a Sunday that you won't want to miss.  I'm looking forward to seeing you again this weekend.  Remember to talk to that person you want to invite to church today. This could be the weekend they come and have their life changed from the inside out.

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