Tuesday, August 2, 2011

prayers for this week

Just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you for your prayers! We just finished our first weekend in our new building and it went fantastic! You can watch the service video here. Don't worry, we're working on the lighting issue :) We had a really strong crowd, even with a bunch of regular people out, a lot of new guests and a really strong response of people wanting to make a new start with Jesus. I think it is a real possibility that we will be looking at moving to two services by this Fall!

On top of that, Sara was offered the job at Union Public Schools this week too. You know, the job that did not exist that we were believing Gof for? Well, it exists and it's hers!

As I go into this week, here are some areas I'm asking God to move and would appreciate your prayers too

  • This weekend: I will be preaching at Freedom Valley in Gettysburg this weekend. I am asking God for a few things: 1) A great time with Sara. It's been a long time since we had some significant time together and I'm looking forward to that very much. 2) A generous offering after I speak. They will be receiving an offering in Gettysburg this weekend for me to take back to Tulsa to help with our new building costs. I'm asking God to put it in people's hearts to be really generous. 3) Some new Tulsa residents. I am asking God to speak to someone - hopefully a family - about moving to Tulsa and working on our leadership team. I've felt for a while that there is someone really wrestling with this calling and I want this weekend to be their tipping point.
  • Our church while I'm out: I will be out of my own church for the next two weekends. I know it is in very capable hands, but I am just praying protection and blessings as their leader is out.
  • Me while I'm out: I'm looking for some really good rest and really good time with my family over my vacation time.
  • Sara's job: Sara was offered the job, but her pay package still has not been determined. We are praying for the offer to come to her on the high side of the pay scale.

Thanks so much for your prayers! I appreciate you so much. By the way, I will not be posting a prayer focus next week. I'm not cracking this computer open during my vacation :) Have a great week.

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