Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Picking up speed . . . prayers for the week

This past week was fantastic! It's the first time I've begun to feel rested in quite a while. God is doing some great things in me and in my family.

Our church is really being blessed too! In the last three weeks, we've seen six people decide to make Jesus the Lord of their lives! We also had over $2600 given this week to our building move project! That's exciting stuff to me.

Some areas I'm praying about this week:
  • Building move - We are picking up speed. Only three weeks left in the movie theater and then we take possession of our new building! God really blessed our efforts this week as over $2600 came in toward that project on Sunday alone! Would you pray with me that this is just the beginning of some real miracles!
  • New / Right Leaders - Our church is about ten months old. When we began I thought it would take about 6-12 months for us to get a good picture of who our core leadership team is . . . to really know who is with us and who is not. It seems like that estimate was just about right. We have seen some pretty significant shifts in leadership and continue to. I am asking God to send a few more key leaders to our team through this Summer and Fall.
  • Summer giving - Summer giving, like Summer attendance at church, is usually down. We plan for this by running our finances with a significant reserve. However, with our building move happening, we have had to use some of our reserves already. The last two weeks of Sunday offering have been very low. I'm praying and believing that God will more than meet our needs and our church will be faithful in tithes and offering - even if that means giving online or mailing in tithes (which some have done) when they will miss church because of summer vacation, etc.
Man, it's an exciting time to be serving Jesus and have the chance to help lead His Church! Thanks so much for your prayers.

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