Monday, June 20, 2011

weekly prayers . . .

Thanks so much for all your prayers and your friendship! We signed the lease on our new building late last week and should be moved in by the end of July! Here are some areas I'm praying about this week:
  • Wisdom in our family - My wife has been offered a job that looks like it could be a pretty good one. She is taking a week to pray and weigh things out before she decides. I'm praying for wisdom for her. Can you too?
  • A way back to devoting my full time to ministry - This may be connected to the one above, but I'm asking God to make a way for me to leave my job at the hospital and put all my heart and soul back into ministry.
  • A good attitude - This may be connected to the one above :) but I'm asking God to help me maintain a good attitude while I'm at the hospital. I'll be honest. I'm struggling with the small amount of time I have to devote to ministry. I'm working outside of my calling and that is never a good thing for very long.
  • Outfitting our new building - We can outfit our new building very well for just about $20,000. This includes a building deposit, auditorium chairs, paint, storage, sound treatment on walls, projection equipment and more. I am believing that we raise all this money by the end of August - much of it by the end of July. The most expensive and most urgent of these is about $6000 we need to outfit our new auditorium with chairs. Love for you to pray with us and give toward this if God leads you that way.
Thanks again for all your prayers!

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