Monday, May 16, 2011

this week in my life

This is my first full week of work at St. Francis Hospital. I started last Thursday, but this is the week I get a feel for what the schedule is really like. Some areas I am praying about and would love you to join me:
  • Schedule - I am a little anxious to see how this new schedule works. Specifically, I'm asking God to help me still lead and serve our church well and not take from my family in the process.
  • Friends Day Sunday - Sunday is friends Day at Freedom Valley. I'm believing that our congregation will respond to this day in a huge way and we'll see a new record attendance this Sunday.
  • Finances - this past week was one of our church's strongest financial weeks ever. I'm believing that trend keeps on going!
  • Location - we are currently searching for a new church location. The bottom line is that we pay way too much for what we are getting at the movie theater. We're looking in two arenas right now: (1) a permanent building that costs the same as what we're paying now for the theater - or - (2) another portable facility that is significantly less money in which case we could rent some permanent office and meeting space.
Thanks for all your prayers. I would love to pray for you too.


bullfrog1975 said...

I think God will take care of everything for you Jason! Try not to worry to much because everything will fall into place! God Bless you brother, and all you do in Gods name, and peace be with you my friend....

Jason Fitch said...

Thanks for the encouraging word! Who is bullfrog1975?