Monday, February 14, 2011

will you pray with me this week?

It looks like this could, possibly, be a fairly normal (scheduling) week. That would be the first one since mid-December. Wow.

I appreciate so much your willingness to pray with me! Some areas you can join me in prayer this week:
  • My extended family - As you know, we lost my grandmother, Nola Matteson, last week. Please join me praying for my mother, aunt, uncle, grandfather and any extended family members who are struggling with the pain of losing her.
  • A decision about scheduling for this summer - I have a schedule conflict between two events. I very much want to be at both and think both are very important in the life of our church. I am needing to decide which to attend. The events are not until June, but I need to decide this week. I'm praying for God's direction and wisdom.
  • Continuing health and healing - I've been worse, but I'm still experiencing some pain in my back and neck. I believe I'm on the road to total, pain-free living. Pray with me that will be a reality.
  • Church finances and outside fund-raising - The savings our church is operating on is dwindling and both the giving from within our church and the outside financial support (from other churches) needs to increase for us to sustain our budget. Please pray with me that both of these increase. I'm praying and believing for our income to come up to $12K/month.
  • Steps toward our first church plant. I believe we will see our first new church open in 2013. That means we will need to begin to lay the foundation for that this year. Please pray with me that God brings the right leaders to our team (if He hasn't already) and great funding plans to go out from our church to open this new church in 2013
Thank you again for your partnership in prayer! I would be happy to elaborate on any of these if that would help you pray. Just ask. I'd love to pray for you too. Just ask.

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