Monday, January 10, 2011

wow, what a weekend!

It's Monday night at 9:15pm and this is the first time I've been able to catch my breath since Saturday at 4am. I'm tired and I feel like I might be fighting off a little bit of a sickness. But, you know what, it's worth it. Much more than feeling tired, I feel incredibly grateful for what God has done over the last few days. Here's the recap . . .

  • Sunday morning was our second Friends Day at Freedom Valley and the response was overwhelming! Our Sunday morning attendance was 120 people - that's 48 more people than the previous week! Also had lunch with a big crew at Cheddars after church. Very fun!
  • Sunday afternoon was our BIG TEAM meeting. I shared vision and leadership ideas with about 25 of our adult leaders while about 15 or 20 kids went crazy inside the house. I can feel that team building and coming together.
  • Sunday after BIG TEAM I had the privilege of performing my first OK wedding. Fred Nimmon and Mary Katherine Moulton became Mr & Mrs. Fred Nimmon! Congratulations!
  • Early Monday morning we hit Owasso 1st AG for a staff off site planning day and it was HUGE! Today, we planned specific sermons all the way into July, our 2011 church events calendar, made some breakthroughs on our leadership flow chart and planned out this weekend's service! Huge thanks to Jake, Josh, Heather and Schneetown!
Tomorrow, is my big sermon prep day, but I begin with a networking breakfast with the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. Can't wait to meet some new friends and I'm praying and believing that someone will connect to church and to Jesus because of our meeting tomorrow morning.

I'm so grateful to God. He is really beginning to accelerate thing with our church. Besides this, my wife Sara, began a new job last week and my parents are moving to Tulsa next week!

As Dave Ramsey would say, I'm doing better than I deserve.


Miranda Kaye said...

That's completely awesome :)

Jason Fitch said...

I agree Miranda :)