Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesdays are my big "sermon planning day". I devote most of my day to the teaching I'll do the following Sunday. It's normal for the sermon I'm working on today to have been basically planned three to six months in advance. But, more often than not, I'll run across the perfect scripture for a given sermon the week I'm set to deliver it.

It happened again today. I read Romans 7 & 8 this morning and it's exactly what I believe God wants to teach me and our church this weekend. This just helps me see the incredible value in regularly reading God's Word. I don't read my Bible to appease God or for the satisfaction I get from checking the "completed" box on my reading plans on YouVersion. (and yes, I do get satisfaction checking that box :)

I read my Bible - this is God's Word directly to me and you - because God speaks and teaches me as I read His world. He renews my mind. If only you could live inside my mind for a day or two; you'd see how much renewing it needs :) But, I bet you're no different. What's your plan to read God's Words to you this year?

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