Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday is usually such a great focus day for me on sermon planning for Sunday. Not today. I'm not saying I got nothing done, but I'm not where I like to be at 3:10pm on Tuesday.

After a while, I had to just put it aside and do some other stuff. I finished reading Gerry Stoltzfoos' new book. It is fantastic and inspiring. I can't wait until it goes into print. I want to give a copy to ever person I know - especially the church leaders.

I also could not get warm today. I'm still wearing a jacket and feeling cold. Not sure what that's about. So, to sum it up. Today was cold, unfocused and kind of frustrating with some good stuff peppered in. Not bad, I guess. The good news is that I get another shot at this tomorrow.


Miranda Kaye said...

You should watch Glee tonight. That always makes me feel better :) lol

Jason Fitch said...

Ha. Good idea. I guess I missed it though. I'm a huge football fan. I watched some Union Redskin videos online!